Research protocols involving human participants are subject to ethical review in the University of Hong Kong. The responsibility to obtain approval rests with the principal investigator of the research. He shall make sure that ethical approval is obtained prior to any data collection or analysis has taken place.

Undergraduates (UGs) from the Faculty of Law submit their application via their teacher or supervisor to the Head of the Department of Law.

Undergraduate Students (Ug) [LLB, Double-degrees] –> Apply to the Head of the Department of Law, BUT your teacher or supervisor must sign off as the Principal Applicant (send to Ms Victoria Kwok, 10/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong).

Applications must be made using the prescribed “Application Form for Ethical Approval” provided by HKU’s HREC.  This form was designed for use by university teachers, so try to complete as much of the form as relevant.  To download the form and for guidance on completing the form and sample informed consent documents, see