Nurturing Students

Seminar on Research Ethics by Lisa Webley (28 Feb 2017)

  Please see the two PowerPoint slides below on the sessions on research ethics by Professor Lisa Webley. Harnessing the Research Ethics Process to Develop Rigorous, Original Research in Law Postgraduate Research Studies in Law: Thinking Differently About Literature and Research Method in Law

Dialogue on Research Integrity by Zoë Hammatt

The following shows the printed materials in the lunchtime session Dialogue on Research Integrity by Ms Zoë Hammatt, a licensed attorney and a professional consultant on research integrity. This lunchtime session seeks to build upon training RPgs in responsible research conduct through engagement with Ms Zoë Hammatt, who visited HKU enroute to attend the Asian and Pacific Rim Research Integrity (APRI) Network Meeting 2017.  She held an informal session on research integrity that covered topics related to international collaborations and authorship, data management, and innovative ways to

Useful resource: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) is an online research integrity and ethics training resource available to HKU staff and research postgraduate students (RPGs). Six courses are available to HKU staff and RPGs: Responsible Conduct of Research for Clinical Investigators Social and Behavioural Responsible Conduct of Research Course Physical Science/Non-Clinical Responsible Conduct of Research Humanities Responsible Conduct of Research Course Responsible Conduct of Research for Engineers and Architects Responsible Conduct of Research for Research Services Staff Information on how to access CITI as a HKU staff member/RPG

Should students offer co-authorship to their supervisors?

Prof. Mark Israel (Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services) has kindly given permission for this hypothetical case study to be reproduced. Wing Hong is a PhD student. Following a suggestion from his supervisor, Maggy, he writes an article for publication. Maggy provides extensive comments. The article is accepted subject to revision and, again, Maggy provides comments and hands over a draft of an article she is writing. Wing Hong uses material from this article and offers Maggy co-authorship. Should she accept? Wing Hong's second supervisor,

Useful resource: Association for Research Ethics (AfRE) ‘Case of the Month’

The Association for Research Ethics (AfRE) publishes a 'Case of the Month' on its website ( This may be a useful resource for legal researchers seeking guidance on the ethical issues to take into account.